The semi-famous 'Gate of Boots' on the South West Highway

Like many of my gate pictures I have been going to take a picture of this gate for years. But I have been putting it off because I wanted to do something a bit different. I drove past this gate twice a week for 4.5 years but I didn't take a picture because I didn't have the prop I wanted.

This 'Gate of Boots' is semi-famous. It was even featured in the local newspaper about five or so years ago. It seems the owners of the property have been hanging their old boots and shoes up on this fence for many years.

But the prop I wanted was a striking pair of sexy stiletto high heels. The plan being to tie the sexy heels to the fence along with all the old weathered and worn work boots.

I thought it was a great idea. But the execution turned out to be trickier than I might have originally considered. The double gates are so wide that when I tied the bright red sexy 4" heels to the gate they sort of 'disappeared' into the picture.

So my challenge then becomes to edit-up the picture such that the hot heels make more of an impact. So I tried cropping down to the gate much tighter plus I desaturated the whole picture except for the excitng red heels.

But I am still not getting the visual impact I was after.

With some reluctance I decided to crop off the right-hand side of the gate so that the glossy red heels take up more of the real estate of the picture.

I think this edit does show the attention-grabbing heels off much better, but now the concept of the double gate covered in old work boots has sort of been diminished.

At about this point I kind of ran out of ideas.

Don't forget that all pictures are much bigger than you see them in the blog. Click on a picture to see it full size—but obviously this only works on a bigger screen.

Oh. For anyone slightly interested the sexy heels are by PeepToe and are the Miss Soho style.

Here is one last picture of the 'Gate of Boots' from a slightly different angle.

In the end I think I like this last picture best, with the magical heels in the bottom left corner like that.