If it ain't broke then don't fix it—Sign for the New Busso Hospital

Everyone in Busselton (Busso) obviously knows this, but for those that don't go to Busso much, and for those that don't even live in Western Australia—or Australia for that matter—they have just built a new big hospital at Busso. They even put in a set of traffic light at the new intersection to make it easier to get into the hospital. So I think that's five sets of traffic lights in Busso now.

Whilst they were sort of finishing off this awesome new regional hospital they put up a sort of temporary sign along the road (the Bussell Highway).

Well it seems that the temporary sign worked so well they are just going to leave it like that.

Just love those partially buried 44 gallon drums holding the sign up—that would be 200 litre drums for those that missed out on gallons. Love the dead wild oats hanging over the side of the drums. It's almost a pity I didn't come along when the wild oats was green and tall.