Gates Series: Jacaranda driveway with almost perfect lighting

Yesterday evening as the sun was going down I went for a short drive through Carmel, just to see if there was anything worth pointing my camera at. I came across the following scene. Not only does it have two old gates in it, plus an old ranch-style wooden fence, there are these two or three Jacaranda trees that have dropped their blooms along the road.

On top of everything else I think the sunlight was just about perfect. The sun is setting to the right. You can see the golden glow kissing the tree tops on the left.

The Jacaranda blooms are newly fallen that evening and they have not been shrivelled by the midday sun so they still have their full bloom colour. Once the daytime sun hits them tomorrow they will go darker and shrivel.

Be sure to click on the picture to see it larger—assuming you are looking at this on a larger desktop screen.