Seen on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver—Televangelists

Sunday morning and I was about to go out and take some pictures of something somewhere—I just like taking pictures. But then I was having a last quick look around the Web and I went to a site I often go to which is John C. Dvorak’s ‘news’ site. On there I started watching a posting titled “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Televangelists”.

The above image links to Dvorak's site featuring the posting. Use the following picture to open the video directly.

It was 20 minutes long so I was only going to watch the first 30 seconds or so just to see what it was about.

I ended up watching the entire 20 minutes.

I have never heard of the TV show “Last Week Tonight” nor have I ever heard of “John Oliver” but I might be looking up some more of these after watching this 20 minutes.

If you consider yourself to be a relatedly intelligent person then I recommend you watch this 20 minute video. If not then this might not be for you as you might start sending ‘seed’ money to someone.

You really should watch this. If you don't have 20 minutes now then bookmark it to watch later.

Okay, now I am off out to take some pictures of something, somewhere . . .