Cataloguing my Pictures: Craggy Tree on the way to Gnomesville

On our last trip to Busselton the wife and I decided to go and check out Gnomesville. We found it and I will post some pictures of Gnomesville shortly—quite possibly in the next post.

But on the way, at least the way that we went, we passed this lone dead craggy old tree up on a hill.

It was a narrow road, so as usual I had to drive by and find a safe place to turn around and come back, and then find somewhere reasonably close and safe to park.

When I was framing the picture I liked the look of the blue sky with the green hillside in the viewfinder, so I decided to try and roughly get half sky and half hillside in the picture.

The focus point is the base of the tree, but due to the relatively small aperture (f13) the whole fame is close to being in focus.

I am glad I stopped and got this shot. So many times I just zoom past these old trees and think I can come back any time and capture them. But then when I do finally end up going that way again, often years later, the tree is gone. Either the wind has blown it over or the farmer decided to removed it because he/she got tired of dodging around it when planting and harvesting the field.

Some people might wonder why I didn't crop the fence post out of the bottom of the shot. Well I tried it both ways; with the fence post in and out of the crop. In the end, as you can see, I decided to go with leaving the fence post in the crop.