Cataloguing my Pictures: Turquoise pool near a gate

This is really one of my 'famous' Gate Series pictures, but I hadn't done a post about it and am now picking it up as part of my cataloguing project.

This gate is somewhere North-East of Busselton. I almost drove past it. I spotted the gate and in my initial very quick 'drive by' assessment I gate it a 'Nah'. But then as I was going past it I spotted the pool of water under the tree and it had this stunning turquoise colour to it. Not just the normal blue pool coloured by the blue sky being reflected in the water. The shadow of the nearby try was causing the water to look almost jewel like.

So about half a kilometre up the road I turned around and came back.

I don't think this gate has been used in a long time. The wild grass has grown all through the gate. Opening it would be a significant challenge. Also, if you managed to get through the gate, there would be a pretty good chance that you are going to get bogged on the other side.

In order to see the pool better with its amazing colour make sure you click on the picture and see it larger (assuming you are using a desktop screen).