Gate Series: November Busselton Trip—South of Busso

Yep. Another gate post(ing). Chuckle. Get it? Gate post ... ing?

The wife and I recently had a four-day weekend at Busselton; before the weather gets too hot. Also in early November the grass is still green, although it is starting to dry out as the water dries up.

On one of the days while there we had a whole afternoon driving around the surrounds of Busselton looking for interesting gates to take pictures of. When I say ‘we’ it is mostly ‘me’, and the wife comes along because she doesn’t want to stay in the villa by herself. I am sure she finds hunting down ‘interesting’ gates totally boring.

I almost drove on by this gate—after giving it a fleeting glance out the side window of the car. But then I notice the cloud cover. All these sort of flat bottomed clouds looking a bit like someone had put them there and then slid a trowel along underneath them to smooth them all off nice and even.

As is usually the case, it doesn’t look quite as effective in a picture as it did being there, and the tank has turned out darker than I remember.

Even so I do like the layer of amber-brown gravel before the gate, then the lush green of the grass before the sun finally gets to it and make it wilt and die, and then the blue sky with the flattened clouds just hanging there. Oh, it there is the required gate that needs to be in all ‘interesting’ gate pictures—obviously.

So if you were applying the PST rule of landscapes to this (primary, secondary, tertiary) picture then I guess the gate is the primary focus (or is supposed to be), the rust coloured gravel road leading up to the gate would be the secondary, and then I sort of hit a problem. Is the tank or the sky and clouds the tertiary or third point of interest … hmmmm?

The old strainer post on the right-hand side is sort of giving in. As a strainer post it is kind of failing. So the farmer has tried to add some support to it with a couple of pine-log posts. But it hasn't worked. That strainer post has got a bad lean to it now and even with the additional pine logs whacked in there the gap between the gate and the post has got to the stage where that gate isn't much use. It also has a big gap underneath it.

Presumably there was a time when the gate actually meet the strainer or came very close to it. Not any more.