John C. Dvorak’s recession indicators

I think that I might have posted something very similar to this before. Possibly about mid-last year.

John C. Dvorak is a tech writer (you can find his column in PC Magazine here), and he goes back to the days of Byte Magazine; and probably even before. These days he is sometimes on TWiT (This Week in Tech) with Leo Laporte (I always want to write Leo’s surname as La Porte, and often do before I go back and correct it). However, having said that, Mr Dvorak has not been on TWiT in recent memory. I am going to say that it is something like three months since John C was on TWiT. Which is a shame. I only listen to the TWiT episodes that he is a part of.

Should you be interested in checking out TWiT you can find the link in my sidebar.

These days John is one of the two people behind No Agenda. No Agenda is a podcast by John and Adam Curry that attempts to uncover the news underneath the news. They try to push aside the bubble and froth 'truth' that gets served up by commercial television and news organisations, and put some light on what is really going on.

If you are interested then you can find No Agenda here.

John has many realistic insights into life and from time-to-time he shares some of them. One of my favourites, and he has been sharing this one for a couple of years now, are his litmus indicators that a protracted recession, and possibly even a depression, is on its way. They are:

  1. There are more hookers, they are better looking, and they cost less.
  2. The number of used cars for sale in people’s front yards’ increases.
  3. Large retailers will start having ‘incredible’ sales.
  4. The government will insist that everything is under control and the economy is actually much better than it appears to be.

I am not too sure about the first point, but I am seeing indications of 2, 3, and 4.

P.S: John also has some great recipes for barbeques. I think he once mentioned a recipe for pork ribs. I will try and see if I can find it.