Any takers ... Can the All Ords get above 5,415 before the end of the year?

The Australian All Ordinaries share index started the year on 5,415 points.

Almost a year later, on the 10th of December, it is close to 6 percent below this sitting at 5,095 (at 11:41 a.m.).

I wonder if I would get any takers at $100 even-money that the All Ordinaries index will manage to climb back up to at least 5,415 points before the end of 2015?

On top of the Australian share market index possibly falling 6 percent in 2015, the economic experts are forecasting that 2016 is almost certainly going to be bleaker than this year, and at the best it will be 'flat'. The experts are not expecting a useful uptick in the Australian economy until late 2017.

On the upside, those very same experts were forecasting that the All Ordinaries index would 'break through the 6,000 barrier on its way back to pre-GFC levels' in 2015—which obviously is NOT going to happen. So, as they got this so very wrong, maybe they will be equally as wrong about 2016 and the index will zoom up through 6,000?

i sure hope so. My superannuation has fallen just under 11 percent this year (which is a bit odd considering the market only fell by 6 percent—I must look into this).