Ersatz made me—The Victoria Secrets 2015 “Runway Event”

Ersatz made me watch it. Honest she did.

For anyone not paying attention, or who does not have someone useful like Ersatz to boss them around, last week channel nine broadcast the 2015 Victoria Secrets Fashion Show. I actually think that this name does not do the event justice. I think they should call it something more like the “Victoria Secrets Runway Event”—as this extravaganza really is much more than a ‘fashion show’.

I tried to resist her bulling. I sort of had some other things to do at the time—I think; can’t quite remember.

So, after verbalising a few suitable wishy-washy complaints about ‘being forced to watch Victoria Secrets again’ (did I mention I might have been coerced into watching it last year as well?) I got myself a somewhat large glass of red wine, plopped down into my Dankz Australian-made Jarrah-wood-frame recliner, assumed a suitable ‘do I really have to sit through this’ frown on my face, and proceeded to watch the Victoria Secrets 2015 Runway Event featuring sexy women on parading around in lingerie.

Holy Snapping Duckshit! It was amazing.

If you want to listen to some awesome music from ‘The Weekend’ (now I know that the ‘The Weekend’ is a singer), Selena Gomez (Yeah … who knew she sang?), and Ellie Goulding; and all the time here is this amazing light show going on with scantily dressed super-models parading around in insanely sexy high heels … then you need to watch this event.

But really; make sure you have good sound on your TV. For me, and I am not tongue-in-cheek here, the sound production stole the show. We had the sound coming through my 10-year-old Sony 3.1 sound system. I can assure you that when this event was mixed and edited for broadcast the sound engineers did not over-compress the sound—as is so often the case with TV broadcasts. The bass is solid and full, and the high-end does not sound like tin foil rattling. I give full marks to the sound engineers on this production.

If you want to hear Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do’ like you have never heard it before then you need to hear the Victoria Secrets version; and you need to have good bass (you must have a woofer in play). You can find a version of it on YouTube but the sound in this version is slightly over-compressed (image links to YouTube).

I can honestly say that this 45 minutes of the Victoria Secrets Runway Event is the best 45 minutes of sheer entertainment I have watched on free-to-air TV this year. I should probably mention that I don’t watch much free-to-air TV other than the news these days. I doubt if I watch any more than about two hours of non-news broadcasts in a week.

You can also have other fun going on, like ‘pick your favourite model’.

Apparently there were 47 beautiful women showing off in lingerie on the runway. Not that I took the time to check this count. After suitable study and review my favourite was Gigi Hadid.

Edited into the event are snippets of the models being picked to participate in, and preparing for, the event. If these girls are not having the times of their life … then they are very good at making us believe that they are. There joy and happiness is infectious—I had to refill my wine glass twice. It could just be the money they are going to get paid, but I like to think it is more than that and you surely get the impression they are not just doing it for the money.

Time for more Gigi Hadid.

Researching the event a bit more on the Web it turns out that the amazing heels the models wear are all hand-made for each model for the show. They are custom measured and made for foot length and width, and arch fall. Kind of amazing for about a 10-minute stroll on the runway.

One more Gigi Hadid …