Cataloguing my pictures—shopping trolley pile

Over the last few days I have begun the daunting task of cataloguing all my digital photographs. Over the years I have been saving them to disks here and there, kidding myself that I knew where they were and what each folder set contained. But the reality was that I didn't. Each passing year I was gradually losing, or had already lost (more likely), track of where most of my pictures were stored.

So I decided the time was good for me to find them all and put them into one of the many digital image cataloguing systems that were available. That way I could keyword tag them all as I went. I knew it would take some time, maybe weeks, possibly months, but it would be worthwhile doing.

In the end I have decided to use the Photoshop Elements Organizer (I know the spelling of 'organiser' is wrong, but that's what it is actually called) because the main editor I use is the Elements Editor. Unfortunately there is not linkage between Elements Organizer and DxO Optics so I will have to do that switch manually when I use DxO Optics.

When you undertake a project like this you re-discover old pictures you took. For example the ones below.

These were taken one early Monday morning as I was about to head off down south to work. I had just popped into the local shopping centre to get some cash from the ATM and I noticed this pile of shopping trolleys in the carpark—it was pretty hard to miss.

Obviously someone had some fun either Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening.

The pictures were taken on the 23rd of Jan, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.