Supergirl TV series starts in Sept (2015)

The new, much talked about, Supergirl series will launch in September 2015. Those that have been paying attention will know that Supergirl will be played by Melissa Benoist (that's her at right).

Supergirl was a blonde so I am assuming that Melissa will have her hair dyed blonde in the series, but you never know—maybe not.

The only two Supergirl's that I can remember are Laura Vandervoort and Helen Slater. Laura played Supergirl in the later seasons of Smallville and Helen played Supergirl in the Supergirl movie.

Laura Vandervoort was very popular as Supergirl in the "Smallville" TV series and at the start of the planning for the Supergirl TV series there was talk she might reprise the role. However, for whatever reasons, this is not the case.

Laura Vandervoort

I can sort of just remember Helen Slater in the Supergirl movie, but I cannot remember the movie itself.

Unfortunately, due to the time it was filmed, there are not many good pictures of Helen in costume.

Helen Slater as Supergirl.

Anyone who has followed some of the chatter about the new series will be aware that there has been a lot of discussion about Melissa's Supergirl outfit and what style it should take. The producers want the new outfit to be less colourful and to send a more 'serious' image of Supergirl. I think they need to be careful because, after all, Supergirl is a comic book hero and, I think, comic book heroes should be colourful—especially the good guys anyway.

In the meantime here are a few other ladies showing off in Supergirl costumes.

Molly Quinn ... obviously a Supergirl fan.

The following is 'fan art' depicting Megan Fox dressed as Supergirl.

Above is Nadya Sonika in an Superfil costume.

And I have no idea who this last actress is, but I like that costume.

Looking forward to September. I hope they have good story lines and very good special effects.