Ingo Scholtes' photography

The previous post was about the Yosemite Windows 8 theme pack available from Microsoft online. The pictures in this pack were taken by Ingo Scholtes and I decided to visit his Web site at

The reason for this was the following picture, also from the Yosemite theme pack.

As a photographer this picture interested me. In this shot you can see that Ingo has the fallen tree trunk in the foreground well in focus and yet at the same time the distant rock dome and pine trees on the hill are also in good focus.

Anyone who understands photography knows that this is a bit of trick and I wanted to see if I could get some clues on how Ingo achieved this, assuming this picture was available from his Web site.

This picture was on Ingo's Web site and after I downloaded it I was able to find out some useful information from the EXIF information embedded in the picture's data.

Firstly I can see that the camera used was a Nikon D7000. This was a bit of a surprise. I fully expected to find that Ingo was using a full-frame camera, but the Nikon D7000 is a 16 megapixel half-frame (APS-C) camera.

Next I can see that Ingo purposely underexposed this shot by one f-stop and that the focal length was 13 mm (which would be about 19 mm in full-frame terms).

He took the shot at f20 at a 1/40th of a second with the ISO set to 200. From this I am going to assume the camera was mounted on a tripod.

The post-processing was done using Adobe Lightroom  v5.5 on a Windows-based computer.

I can also see that the picture is relatively recent. Ingo took this shot in July 2014.

So the very wide-angle lens partially explains the long range focus but I did expect the f-stop to be more in the f32 range. Ingo may have been using the Nikon f2.8G lens, in which case the smallest f-stop is f22.

And I would have totally lost money on whether a full-frame of half-frame camera was used.

It's a great shot and looks amazing full screen at 1920x1200.