Windows 8 Yosemite theme set

I have been cycling through some of the Microsoft packaged theme's for Windows 8. This morning I loaded the Yosemite Park theme set and I really like the fresh crisp landscape pictures in this set. They are so good you can almost feel the freshness.

There are 15 pictures in the theme and they all seem to size perfectly on a true 1920x1200 computer monitor (and not a 1920x1080 TV screen being used as a computer monitor)—which is in itself refreshing.

The pictures were all taken by Ingo Scholtes and he (or she) has done a great job of post-processing these images.

Following are a few of the wallpapers from the collection (re-sized down to 1000x).

To get this theme from Microsoft's online catalogue just right click on the desktop and select "Personalise" then click on "Get more themes online".