Molly Quinn featured in Goodstuff's magazine

Goodshit is a Web site I visit almost daily. Goodshit is an aggregator site that aggregates items of general interest found around the Web. You can find the link to Goodshit in the sidebar.

About every week or so Goodshit puts up the link to the "Goodstuff's Cyber World" online blogging magazine. Each issue of Goodstuff's magazine has a feature topic or person. Last week's feature was Supergirl and the upcoming Supergirl movie. Featuring in the magazine this week is Molly Quinn.

Image links to Goodstuff's online magazine, Issue 186.

Image links to Goodstuff's online magazine, Issue 186.

So as long as Goodshit and Goodstuff are featuring Molly Quinn I thought I would join in with whatever quality pictures of Molly I could find from my secret resources. Following are some that I thought worthy of posting.

The picture above is a 1920x1080 HD wallpaper.

Seems Molly is, or was, a big Comic-Con fan and would go the conventions dressed as Supergirl. Which explains the picture of her in a Supergirl costume in this posting I did about Supergirl here.

Last one, and I nearly wasn't going to put this one in but then I decided I would. The more you look at it the more it grows on you. I like how the photographer has used Molly's pale skin and the bland background to bring out the gold and red hints in her hair, the trace of blue in her blue/grey eye, the bold red sensual lipstick, and even the green straps of her dress over her shoulder.