At Busso: Sexy YSL Tributes on the Beach at Meelup

People who know me know that I am not, and never have been, a beach-going kind of person. Maybe it harks back to being from the bush. I don't know. Maybe it's because my mum and dad weren't the beach going type. But, for whatever reason, unlike the vast majority of Australians I don't head for the beach every chance I get. In fact, even though I live in Perth, it would be at least ten years since I even saw the ocean close up,

But today the wife and I found ourselves taking an unintended drive along the stretch of beach up Dunsborough way between Bunker Bay and Meelup Beach. Firstly I need to make a general apology in relation to Dunsborough. I have often made the statement that I don't know why people like Dunsborough so much because, although they may have a great golf course there, they sure don't have any beaches worth going to.

Well, as it turns out they do. In between the various rocky outcrops along the stretch between Bunker Bay and Meelup Beach there are some very nice stretches of white beach with shallow water.

Following is a picture I took of my blue YSL Tribute heels at Meelup Beach.

So, as I had my current favourite photographic subject with me, I decided to take a few pictures of the YSL Tributes on the beach.

Normally if you were photographing something in full sunlight on a beach you would have a polarising filter on your lens and also, most likely, a reflector handy to calm down the harsh shadows that are going to occur. This picture was taken without a polarising filter and without any kind of shadow fill light being used—hence the somewhat harsh shadows being cast to the right by the shoes.

On the upside, partially due to the low angle of the shot, the water looks amazing. The low shooting angle has enhanced the blueness of the water—which is an old photographer's trick when shooting the ocean.

Also I have taken advantage of some natural dispersed shadow coming from the trees near the edge of the beach. I have placed the shoes so they are slightly in the shadow. This has two benefits. I don't get harsh glare coming off the shiny shoes that I have to deal with (which I don't have a polarising filter to calm down), and the shadows being cast by the shoes are softened just a bit so they are not a solid black shadow but more of a dark grey shadow.

I have to say that the matrix light metering on the Sony a6000 worked perfectly. The exposure is really spot on. And, as usual, the Ziess f4 17-70 lens has captured the shot with stunning clarity.

As usual, click the picture to see it bigger and at higher resolution (assuming you have the screen to do this with).

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