At Busso: Margaret River Stationhouse at Whistlestop

Not too far out of Busselton on the road to Nannup you will come across the stationhouse in the picture below. You might miss it unless you spot it through the trees.

The wife and I spotted it, and we decided it looked like it needed photographing. It has Margaret River on the name plates but it is a ling way from Margaret River. This made me curious. What was a stationhouse just east of Busselton doing with the name plate of Margaret River on it?

Click image to see it larger

A little bit of research using Google provide me with the answer. It seems this was once a 'fun park' called the Whistlestop Miniature Railway.

Sadly it is no longer operating. It looks like it probably closed down as long ago as around 2008.

Some discussion on the Web suggests that it closed due in part to the cost of public liability insurance, along with the cost of general maintenance and upkeep of rolling stock and the train tracks.

If anyone knows any more about this then please feel free to comment and let me know.