At Busso: Some Taffys and the Lavender Shop stuff

Today we went to Bunbury to have a look around. In all the hundreds of times that I have been near and past Bunbury over the last five or six years I have never taken the time to drive around Bunbury and kind of check it out.

The wife and I quite successfully found a Dome in Bunbury where I had the seafood basket and the wife had tender chicken strips with wedges. We noticed that just near the Dome was the 'famous' Taffys. You know. Taffys. The place where they hand make candy and stuff.

We bought a bit of stuff from Taffys.

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Working from the black packet at the back and coming around clockwise there is: Taffys Chocolate Coated Liquorice; Taffys Chocolate Honeycomb (my choice); Taffys Chilli Chocolate; Taffys Banana Fudge Chocolate Bar; Taffys Peanut Paste Chocolate Bar; and finally a Taffys selection container.

Yesterday we went to the Lavender Coffee House (or it might actually be called Cape Lavender) on Caves Road. The colour just about everything at the Cape Lavender coffee house is, as you might expect, lavender. Even the garden hose. Even the gnomes, but I don't have any pictures of them.

The following picture shows some goodies that the wife picked up at theCape Lavender coffee shop.