Decided to enabled the SquareSpace 'Cover Page' option

SquareSpace, where my site is hosted, have this special page called a ‘Cover Page’ that I have not bothered with—up until now. Because I trying to get back into posting to my site and generally re-invigorate things a bit I have decided to enable the ‘Cover Page’ feature.

The cover page allows me to have a feature picture, and then some headings, plus navigation buttons and text. I can change the feature picture from time to time, or I can have a stack of pictures in a rotation. I plan to feature my own pictures on the cover page.

As I play with setting up a Cover Page over the next couple of weeks the cover page layout and formatting is likely to change around a bit, but somewhere on the page I will ALWAYS have a button labelled “The Main Blog”. This button will take you to the familiar blog page that used to be the landing page.

You might also notice that the 'Abalook Home' page has gone from the menu bar. With the new Cover Page being set up the Abablook Home page sort of became redundant.

At this point in its evolution the new Cover Page should look like the following on a PC screen.

And on a smartphone it should look like this.

I am trying to get "The Main Blog" button at the top of the screen, but at this stage I have not managed to work out how to do this.