Gigi almost brings down Sports Illustrated site

Just recently Sports Illustrated posted a good set of reasonably high quality pictures of Gigi Hadid from her swimsuit edition shoot for the magazine. It seems a lot of aggregation sites must have picked this up. I saw it on Reddit, Huffington Post, Goodshit, 4Chan, and Askmen. It was probably on a whole lot more that I don’t even check.

Gigi Hadid is probably currently in the Top 20 of in-demand insanely beautiful models. Gigi was featured in the Victoria's Secret even late last year.

It seems that the postings of Gigi on the Sports Illustrated site drew in significantly more Web traffic than normal. Seriously! Is it any wonder?

Following is a sample of the pictures of Gigi posedt by Sports Illustrated from the swimsuit edition shoot. All images here have been cropped and enhanced to suit my posting requirements.\

Most images are larger than shown on the page—click to enlarge (if you have the screen for it).

Click the image above to go to the Sports Illustrated site to see more pictures of Gigi.

Following are my favourite three pictures. Of the seven types of booby I would have to confess that the rarely seen under-booby, as featured by this swimsuit, is far and away my favourite.

All photographs were taken by Yu Tsai.

Seriously . . . how do you get a job like that?