Boring Ikea chocolates; sexy Ikea chocolates . . .

My wife, son, his fiance, and his fiances mother went to Ikea today. My son bought a stack of Ikea milk chocolate bars.

When I spotted the chocolate bars in their blue wrappers I thought I might use them with my newly acquired YSL Tribute heels to try taking a few pictures.

So here are four pictures. The first just shows the boring Ikea chocolates by themselves. Then there are three pictures of the chocolates with the sexy YSL Tribute heels introduced.

The first picture with the Tributes is the 'natural' picture. The second picture with the Tributes is a HDR using the NIK add-ins for Photoshop to do the tone mapping. In this second picture I have blown the blue channel to really bring out the blues.

The last picture is basically the natural picture but with vignetting applied and the picture softened.

Notice how adding the heels adds some glamour and sexiness to the picture? Well I think so anyway.

This is just my first attempt at putting these sexy YSL Tribute heels into a picture. Hopefully, as I learn more and improve my approach I will get better and better at this.