Some pictures from the weekend trip to Popanyinning

I finally managed to make it to Popanyinning on the weekend. I have been thinking about making the trip for the last month or so.

Following are some pictures from the trip, and I am also playing with side-by-side columns in Squarespace so the layout might look a little different/unexpected on some devices.

This first picture is of a tree. Well two trees in the foreground, and heaps of trees in the background.

But the picture is not really of the tree, but more of the autumn colours of the tree's trunk and the leaves that have fallen on the ground. Also the tree to left in the background has a very slight green colouration happening on its trunk.

Pity about the plastic bag—but I didn't spot that when I was framing the picture; at least I think it is a plastic bag. I must be losing my touch because normally I would have spotted something like that and moved it out of the picture.


On first glance this next picture might look like just another one of my pictures of a gate; which it sort of is. But there is a bit more going on here.

There is the finest of light misty precipitation falling as this picture was taken, so the grass is misty wet. If you enlarge the image on a good screen you can see water droplets on the gate and the wet grass in the foreground.

There is also the slightest bit of sunshine creeping through the clouds to the left.

This combination gives the green grass an almost neon glow effect. It is very hard to capture the effect in the camera but when you are there you would almost expect this grass to be growing on glass with an LED light array underneath it lighting it up.

Then—to sort of set this effect off—you have the almost solid black fence posts in the foreground, and, obviously, the gate.

This next picture features some great big granite rocks. This picture was taken just to the right of the picture above.

The problem with photographs is that they never seem to turn out quite like you remember the scene.

What caught my eye about this scene was the vertical orange and black bands in the rocks. These orange bands are most obvious in the rock in the middle, but the rocks to the sides also have a similar pattern happening.

But when I was there taking these pictures the orange and black bands seems more vivid than they appear in this picture.

There is also some kind of dark green coloured vegetation—looks a bit like some kind of moss—growing on the surface of the rocks. This is most visible on the medium sized rock to the left of centre.

My last picture from this trip is of a broken down windmill.

What caught my eye with this shot was the band of green/yellow happening almost perfectly across the middle of the picture where the sunlight was lighting up the field and trees on the horizon. But the old long forgotten and abandoned mill with its faithful tank stand nearby was still in shadow from the clouds.

Also there is the yellow faded wind-tail on the mill and then the near-black of the tree trunks against the blue sky.

It looked like a worth photograph to me at the time, even though I had to clamber over a fence to get the shot I wanted; and I had to do it in a hurry before that band of light across the middle moved on.