I have decided to re-implement tagging. I was tagging posts in the old blog but was not bothering so much in the new blog. You will see the new 'Tags' section in the sidebar. Also, this time I am using 'cloud tagging' where the more popular the tag is then the large the text it appears in.

I have started tagging by doing June and July. Gradually I will go back and tag all of the posts in the new blog (this blog). My plan is to do this a month at a time so you will gradually see more tags turning up in the Tag Cloud section of the sidebar.

This time I will try to keep the number of tags down. The number of tags sort of got away from me before (with the old blog). Most recommendations I can find on tagging is to try and limit the number of tags to `5 to 20.

The other bit of advice I picked up from the Web is that not all posts MUST have a tag. For example a site maintenance post like this might not be tagged.

Doing tagging well is an art and I will not profess to really know the best approach, but I will see how this works out.

Don't forget that you can always search this site for a post using any words or phrases using the Site Search tool in the sidebar.