Aussie share market expected to 'struggle' in 2nd half of year

I just had to jump in and post this. This is my first ever posting done from work and, hence, it will be quick and short. But when reading this today, as I ate my lunch, I found it sort of humorous in a way.

In The Australian newspaper today there was an article advising that the Australian share market was expected to struggle in the second half of the year due to the moderating global economic climate and fall out from the UK exiting the EU.

What sort of made me want to laugh was that this kind of implies that the the first half of the year was a great one for the share market—which is obviously wasn't. In the first half of the year the share market fell 3.4 percent.

I guess, on the upside, struggle sort of suggests it might not actually fall any further during the second half of the year—hopefully.