HSD: Is Gerry Gibbs gone?

Long time readers of my shambolic scribbling might remember my "HSD" postings from the 'old Blog' period. HSD is my abbreviation for Holy Snapping Duck-shit which, in turn, is sort of my version of OMG. A long-time friend of mine has been known, on occasion, to utter the phrase "Oh! My giddy aunt" but the abbreviation OMGA doesn't really work that well, and it should really be "O!MGA".

Anyway, back on topic.

Has Gerry Gibbs photographic store and business really gone the way of screw mount lenses?

I recently tried to go to Gerry's online wholesale Web site and this came up . . .

So, as one does these days, I Googled 'Gerry Gibbs Camera House'. Then you get this in the side bar of the Google results.

Note the bit that says "Permanently closed".

It was only about four weeks ago that I was down at Gerry Gibbs and bought a Peak Design camera strap for my Sony a6000; so to find out now that they have folded comes as a bit of surprise.

Over the years since I came to Perth I have spent a lot of money with Gerry Gibbs on camera upgrades, flash units, lenses, camera bags (one just can never find the 'perfect' camera bag), tri-pods, film and processing, and various other accessories.

I have not heard or read why Gerry Gibbs Camera House folded but I bet I can make a very close guess at it—the Internet. Poor old GG's Camera House would have to be competing against all the on-line 'shops' that have sprung up for camera and accessory sales. On top of that there are hundreds of on-line 'shops' doing printing (paper, canvas, metal, and glass), which would have stomped on the other income stream of GG's.

Well Murray, thanks for all the service GG's provided me in past and I for one am a little sad to see you leave the market.