Goodstuff Issue 255 Features Fan Bingbing

Issue 255 of Goodstuff (via the Goodshit site) features Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

Yep. Like me you have probably never heard of her.

As it turns out she is very easy on the eye. I wonder if the movies she is in are all in Chinese? Otherwise one might be tempted to find a couple of them and watch them.

According to WIkipedia she was in XMEN: Days of Future Past and 'Blink'. So I did a search, and sure enough I found Ms. Bingbing in character from XMEN.

The colour purple seems to suit Ms. Bingbing.

If you want to check out issue 255 of Goodstuffs Cyber World then you will find it here.

When you are totally bored and can't find anything else to look through then GoodShit is always an interesting place to go. You can find the link to GoodShit in the sidebar.

One last picture of Fan.