'Goodstuffs Cyber World' features Heather Lockear

The current edition of Goodstuffs Cyber World—which I am sure should be written as Goostuff's Cyber World, but let's not into grammar arguments here because I am sure I make my share of mistakes as well—features Heather Locklear. Each edition of Goodstuffs Cyber World features a different 'once famous, once hot' female from the past.

I actually cannot remember what the TV show was—however, I am sure it was not T.J. Hooker—but I do remember relatively clearly the first time I spotted Miss Locklear on TV. I was standing in the double-doorway of my mum and dad's house just casually looking at their little Sony TV. I was either just entering the room or just leaving; I want to say I was just leaving. This was back when a 22" TV was considered huge, and I think their TV was probably in around 18". It was a Sony Trinitron; then considered a high-end mid-market TV.

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When I spotted Heather L on the screen I think it actually did take my breath away. I was probably about 23-ish and to me she was unbelievably beautiful.

Without the benefit of the Internet—which hadn't even been thought about in those days—I then undertook the mission of finding out as much as I could about this vision of beauty. This meant keeping out a sharp eye for magazines and such that promised to reveal more about this stunner.

It is a big shame for the male world in general that the Internet did not exist in those days, otherwise I am sure there would be many more great pictures around now for us to remember Heather by.

For those sad men that missed the era of Heather, here are a few kind-of-okay pictures that I was able to find.

I am reasonably sure this first picture is a grab from a movie. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I don't know what the movie is. She must have made it after I had moved on with regards to which female actress I was interested in.

Heather even comes up seriously sexy in grey-scale. Those eyes and that soft beautiful smile.

Due to the grain/noise in this picture I suspect it is a scan of a matt-finish photograph, or possible a scan from a magazine.

In this last picture she is in her early 30s now but still looking amazing. Still has those incredible eyes.