Me and 500px

As you would have gathered from my recent posts, I have created an account on 500 pixels and I am posting to 500 pixels on a semi-regular basis. You can check the "500px Pages" item on the main menu above in order to go and see some of the pictures I have posted to 500 pixels although I have not got those pages fully up to date yet.

If you would like to help my pictures get some extra votes then you might like to create a 500 pixels account for yourself. Then you can vote on my posting (insert 'big grin' here). I will be endeavoring to post them here as soon as I post them to 500 pixels—so you would know when to go to 500px and vote.

Creating a 500 pixels account seems to be more or less harmless in that you don't get spammed by 500 pixels. Also you might like to vote on pictures by other people who  post images to 500 pixels. An example of this might be the picture in the posting before this one.