Stunning picture from 500px—taken by Mark Prinz

Had to post this. This picture is what I refer as a 'scroll stopper'.

This stunning picture is from 500px. The photographer is Mark Prinz. When I did this post there were 157 votes for this picture on 500px.

It is hard to find anything at all wrong with this picture. The model is stunning—which is always a good start. The make-up is faultless, and not too heavy such that it doesn't allow her sexy freckles to show through. Very well done. Big thumbs-up on the make-up.

The facial expression is spot on. 100% spot on. As is the lighting.

The photo-finishing is also just right. Not too much softening so the freckles are still well defined and you can still see skin texture.

Just the right amount of depth-of-field for a full-face shot with the neck just falling out of focus.

And then the eyes. This stunner's eyes are amazing. No doubt in the photo-finishing a little extra sharpening was done on the eyes—as is almost always the case. Even so, this girl's eye are hypnotic. When I look at this picture I cannot help but look into those eyes.

It is well worth checking out Mark's other work at 500px, which you can do here (opens in a new Tab).