Rule 5: Margot Robbie

In some blogging circles there are these five rules that need to be applied in order to keep visitors coming to your site. One of the rules is 'Rule 5'. I don't know the exact order or content of rules 1 thru 4 but I am pretty sure there will be something in those rules about making your site look good, keeping your posts short and interesting, posting regularly, and focusing on niche content.

But Rule 5 is about adding something totally different into your blog stream now and then. Broadly interpreted and roughly translated, Rule 5 is about adding some glamour (code for: sex) into your blog now and then as a kind of honey-trap.

So, under Rule 5 here is a little Margot Robbie.

I have 'edited up' each of these pictures to give them a little bit more snap.

Click on each picture to see it larger—assuming you are using a larger screen and not a smartphone.

A stunning face shot with her wearing her almost trade-mark cherry red lipstick.

Lots of red going on here to set off her red lipstick.

I am not sure, but this looks like it might have been taken before Margot moved off to the USA to become famous.