The Sony a7r Mk III—simply amazing

Last week Sony released their a7r Mk III full-frame mirror-less DSLR-like 42MP camera.

This camera is amazing. I want one!

I won't go into all the notes about this camera that make it amazing. You can find those at DPReview (see my sidebar) or any number of other camera sites, or in twenty of more Youtube video reviews, where all of the specifications of the camera can be found. I will just mention a few attributes that I found amazing.

It has 13 stops of dynamic range at 400 ISO. At 100 ISO it has 15 stops of dynamic range. This is very good for a full-frame 42MP camera. But I shoot mostly at 400 ISO these days and 13 stops of dynamic range at 400 ISO is head shaking.

It has a bigger battery. Sony claim the new battery allows for 500+ shots without recharge when shooting using the EVF, and over 600 shots if the rear LCD is used instead. However, test reports are indicating that far more frames are possible than the number in Sony's marketing data with one test photographer reporting 2,200 frames in RAW+jpg.

A Super Hi-Res 3.69M-dot Quad VGA OLED view finder.

And lastly, the a7r Mk III incorporates market leading in-camera five axis image stabilisation which Sony suggests is good enough for a full five extra stops.

The single biggest downside? In Australia just the body is going to cost the most part of $5,000. Probably about $4,999.

It doesn't have a built in GPS, and while some reviewers have made a big deal of this it does not bother me in the slightest.

Want to learn more about the a7r Mk III? Try the following sites: