Updated my 'Roads and Tracks' to the 2018 edition

I decided it was time to upgrade my old faithful 'Roads and Tracks of Western Australia' book. The edition I have is 2006.

The new 14th edition, labelled as the 2018 edition, has just recently been released. So my son and I sought out Map Central in Willetton, which was by no means an easy feet (they could certainly do with some more obvious street-facing branding—we drove past them twice), and I purchased the latest version.

I have already spent the better part of two hours going over the maps while sipping on some Jim Beam bourbon. Just looking at all the places in the south-west quadrant of Western Australia that I have not been to.

It makes you want to hop in the car and just start driving; and go to all those places you haven't been to just to see what is there and what needs photographing.