A couple of cloud pictures from Wednesday's storm

Here in Perth on the evening of Wednesday 1st of March we had an impressive thunder and lightning storm build up. It came after a hot 38C day.

I am not generally the type to take pictures of clouds, but on this day I made an exception.

The following shot, taken using a polariser to bring out the detail, shows the storm clouds building up over the Darling Scarp.

Using the polariser has caused the sky to go somewhat darker than it probably really was, but it is worth it to see the detail in those puffy cotton clouds.

This next shot was take from my back yard. I just happened to notice that the golden rays of the setting sun were really lighting up the higher level cloud band while they were not touching the lower level clouds or the trees.

It was so dramatic. So unreal. The lower level clouds and tree tops were not being touched by the golden glow, but the higher level clouds were being drenched in it and looked like molten gold in the sky.

The whole thing was over in minutes as the sun, which is to my right, sunk below the horizon. Luckily we had the cats out for a walk in the yard and I had my camera around my neck.

As everyone in Perth knows, that night we got a fantastic lightning show and some very heavy rain.