Crazy Uncle and the Tributes

This is my latest picture posted to 500px and ViewBug. If you have an account at either of these sites then please log in and give me a vote. You just need to search for "abalook" to find it.

This shot is a stacked focus picture using three pictures. The first picture was focused on the YSL in the shoe at the front. The second focus point was the back of the heel of the second shoe. And the third focus point was the label on the Crazy Uncle bottle.

These three pictures were blended into a single stacked focus picture using Photoshop, thereby producing a picture where everything from the shoe at the front to the bottle of moonshine is in crisp focus.

The shoes and the bottle are on an old pair of faded Valley Girl jeans that my son's fiancé kindly donated to my picture taking obsession.

So please, if you do have an account at 500px or ViewBug then please login and give me a vote.