Subaru releases the 2018 XV at the 87th Geneva Motor Show

So now we know what the 2018 Subaru XV looks like.

This car is not a revamped version of the 2016 model. It is a totally new vehicle on a different chassis with a newly engineered CVT transmission and a redesigned 2.0 litre boxer engine.

And we also now know that it is not going to come in a version with a small turbo, unless Subaru have a surprise up their sleeve that they have not revealed yet. While the new engine does have some more horsepower than the old one, and even though the new CVT is 'tuned for performance', I still don't think the new XV is going to do the 0 - 100 kph much under 10 second—assuming it is even under 10 seconds.

Even though the new XV is all-round roughly about 10% bigger than the old XV, it is actually about 10 kg lighter with the 80 percent new 2.0 litre engine being reduced in weight by 12 kg and the new CVT also being lighter than the version in the previous model.

Even though Subaru claim the overall centre of gravity in this new model is lower than the previous model (which should translate to sportier handling), the new XV retains its class-leading 220 mm of ground clearance. The new model also now has 18" wheels.

For more information and pictures go here.

Now we just have to wait for the specifications to be made available.