The view from L45 of Tower 1 at City Square

The following pictures were taken from level 45 of Tower 1 in City Square in Perth. A lot of people refer to this as the Brookfield Centre, but I am reliably information that it is actually called City Square.

As with almost all photographs posted to this site, click on the picture to see a higher resolution and less compressed version.

This first picture is looking pretty close to due east toward the Darling Scarp, or, as referred to locally, towards 'the hills'.

On a 1200 pixel high screen you would be able to see this image 'full size', and would then be easily able to pick out the Crown Casino and the new stadium (still under construction) in the top third of the frame.

The next shot is to the right of the above picture and would be facing ESE (east, south, east).

This shows Elizabeth Quay in the bottom right. Eagle eyed types with 1200 pixel height screens will be able to easily pick out the Bell Tower, the new Carousel (that would be a round-a-bout or merry-go-round to most regular folk) built in Italy that the State Government had installed at the start of the year, and maybe even the Duyfken replica sailing ship.

My final picture shows the Swan River and the Narrows Bridge. In the bottom right is the Convention Centre, and off to the bottom left is Elizabeth Quay again.

These picture were all taken using a polarising filter to try and limit reflected glare and maximize detail. The polarising filter also helps to remove reflections from the glass through which these pictures were taken, but not all glass reflections have been tamed. I know from previous experience that trying to edit out reflections in the glass is a fools game so the reflections have been left alone.