Subaru Australia announce the 2018 XV availability

Today Subaru Australia announced local pricing and availability of the 2018 XV. Although vehicles will not arrive in car yards until mid-June, you can place orders now with Subaru dealers for the XV with special discounts being provided for orders placed before 30th June.

The following image links to the Subaru Australia XV page.

The base unit, the 2.0i, has a drive-away price of $32,148—which is apparently in the order of $600 cheaper than the superseded model XV.

The 2.0i-L, which was previously the most popular model in the range, is $34,679 drive-away.

From all the accounts I have read about this car it is almost the perfect 'small' SUV for country and city. Subaru are consistently in the Top 10 of most reliable cars and the XV is certainly the most capable when it comes to off-road prowess.

But there is an issue. A huge issue for many people. Every report I have read states that the engine is under powered. One report suggested it was 'downright sluggish'. And as much as I have tried I am unable to find official 0 - 100 kph times for this new 2018 XV.

I am hoping that when we finally get some actual test drive reports on this car that it is not as sluggish as pre-test review reports are suggesting.

I notice that in their advertising they claim the XV is "like grease lightning"—see clipping below.

Somebody should tell them that the saying is "like greased lightning"!

But apart from them getting the idiom wrong, if the 0 - 100 is around the 11 second mark as is being reported then not only have they got the idiom wrong, it doesn't even apply.