Achieved "Elite" level on Gurushots in the B&W challenge

I recently joined the online photography site GuruShots. I had previously tried 500 Pixels and ViewBug. For various reasons I was not that enthralled with either of these sites. But the game-like way that GuruShots works looked interesting. When you join a challenge you sort of level up through various levels—Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite, then All Star— as people do blind voting (they don't know who took which pictures) on your submissions.

I am not really that into black and white photography, but one of the beauties of modern digital photography is that any picture you take is potentially a black and white shot.

So I picked out four likely pictures and took some time to made them into reasonably good looking black and white pictures; and then submitted to the black and white photography challenge on GuruShots.

Following are the four pictures submitted.

Maybe I should give up with the colour photography.