Addicted-to-Heels has been inactive for months

I pop over to the Addicted-to-Heels site at least once a week (see link in sidebar) in the vain hope that the owner/editor might have started posting again. However, it is with a degree of sadness that I have to report that nothing much is happening over at Addicted-to-Heels.

The recent history of the editor/publisher for Addicted-to-Heels—as we know it—is that he broke up with his previous girlfriend sometime around June 2016, after having moved with her to Perth. After the break up he moved back 'down south' from whence he came. From what I can gather, he then met another love interest and then started to post again in December 2016 after a six month break. But now he has not posted any updates to his site since May.

It is quite possible the link to Addicted-to-Heels might break if he does not continue to renew the DNS name and/or the site at SquareSpace; which would be a bit of shame.