Thinking about upgrading my computer screen to 27" 1440y

I bought my current photo editing screen in October 2011 for $1,100. I wrote about it here. It is a DELL U2410 24" 1200y screen and it came with a calibration certificate saying it had been calibrated at the factory to be 97 percent colour correct for sRGB.

But DELL have brought the amazing U2717 Ultrasharp Infinity Edge down under $900. This is a 27" 1440y photo editing screen and they are factory calibrated to be 99 precent sRGB colour correct.

This stunning screen only consumes an average of 26 watts of power, compared to my current screen which is almost double that at 48 watts--even though it is both physically smaller and also smaller in resolution (2.3 million pixels on the old one; 3.4 million pixels on the 2717).

I am very tempted.

My only hobby is photography and spending $900 for a new screen that will likely last me another five or six years does not seem too over the top.