New model Forester slated for mid-2018

Subaru are expected to release a 'new from the ground up' Forester mid-2018. This completely new Forester will sit on Subaru's new global platform chassis as used in the latest Impreza and XV releases.

While not a lot is known about this new 2019 Forester (Subaru always give their new models a year date that is one year ahead of the year they actually get released) you can get some hints and guesses from looking around the Web.

The turbo model will almost certainly get the new injected 2.0 litre boxer power plant. This is the same engine that is now in the 2018 XV—but with turbo boost added (which the XV does not have). One article I found has even suggested the turbo might have electric help so that there is turbo boost available at lower engine revs rather that at around the 2,200 RPM mark as is the case with the current XT turbo model.

Another item I found talks about a significantly lower centre of gravity in the 2019 XT Forester. This is attributed to a combination of the new injected 2.0 litre engine, the new global platform chassis, and the new CVT transmission. However, just what a 'significantly' lower centre of gravity actually means is anyone's guess. It could be 2cm or 2". But I guess any lowering of the centre of gravity in an SUV is always a good thing.

The other 'guess' I found, in fact I found three articles on this, is that the 2019 Forester might be offered in a hybrid model or possibly—even more radically—in a full electric model. It seems that the new global platform was designed with an electric engine option in mind.

As is almost always the case with each new major model revamp I suspect, somewhat sadly, that the new Forester will also be just a little bit bigger. I am not sure why it is that each time a car maker brings out a completely new version of one of their vehicles it always has to grow by just a little bit each time. I say sadly because in my opinion the Forester was about the perfect size back around the 2005 model. I think the current version of the Forester, which has been around since about 2011/2012, is too big.

So, watch this blog for more information about the 2019 Forester as it leaks out.