Finally made it to EXPERT level in GuruShots

It has been a long haul and I have had to get lots of votes, but I have managed to make it to EXPERT level in GuruShots.

My picture with the most member votes is this one. This shot has a total of 2,528 votes and has also chalked up an All Star ranking and made it into the Top 10% in one of the challenges it was entered into.

Following is my second highest rating picture with 1,682 member votes. Although it has not got as many votes as the picture above it has managed to get two All Star rankings as well as a Top 10%.

Coming in third overall is this picture of an old Rolls Royce which has accrued 1,347 member votes in challenges. I really liked the look of the pink undercoating coming through from the blue finish.

The next level is Champion; but this needs a lot more votes and I need to get a total of ten All Star rankings in challenges. Plus, and this is the hard one, I need to get one of the existing Guru members (and there are not many of them) to award one of the pictures I submit into a challenge with a star.