All new 2019 Forester due to be announced 30th March

Subaru have finally released the date that they will announce the all new (from the ground up) 2019 Forester. It will be announced at the New York Motor Show on the 30th March. Just twelve days from now.

In the meantime, Subaru have provided this teaser image of the rear of the 2019 Forester.

This is even less of teaser image than Subaru provided us for the new XV when it came out last year. At least the teaser of the XV was a side shot—rather than basically just a brake light.

Maybe Subaru will release another teaser before the New York Motor Show ... or maybe not.

Now you know why the local Subaru dealers have been offering insane deals on the existing Foresters. At one stage, for about five days, they were giving 7 year warranties with 7 year roadside assistance.

From what I can work out, the new Forester should be on sale in Australia in the early spring.

At one stage, not so long ago, the only choices for a nice driving SUV was the Forester and Toyota's RAV4. But now just about every car brand has two or three entries in the SUV field. And BMW have the brand new X2 coming soon to join their X1, X3, and X5, and Volvo have the very interesting XC40 about to be announced.

Subaru need to provide some real surprises with the 2019 Forester because they have a lot of serious competition now.