Early picture of the 2019 Forester

This is supposed to be a leaked picture of the coming 2019 Subaru Forester.

If it is then it is pretty crap. Likely taken using a smartphone; and the glossy pamphlet that it was taken from was not flattened out very well.

Assuming this is the new 2019 Forester, then from the front it does not look too different from the current model even though it has been built on a completely new base platform.

Other bits and pieces leaking through suggest that there will be no diesel variant of the new Forester. However, there could be a hybrid version in the works be developed in partnership with Toyota.

Also, and I find this a little more exciting, it could be that the new Forester might get the brand new 2.4 litre turbo engine developed for the Subaru Ascent. This new slightly larger boxer engine puts out 10 hp more than the 2.0 litre turbo in the current XT Forester.

Only about 1.5 weeks to wait now to find out the facts.