I kind of recently 'discovered' Reddit

Like most people who use the Internet I have known about the existence of Reddit for some time. If you are a regular user of the Internet it would be hard not to know about Reddit. And over the years I have done the occasional visit to Reddit. But I never really ‘got into it’.

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Over the last few weeks I have become more interested in Reddit. I now have an account, and I have joined a number of sub-Reddit groups—as they call them.

Being somewhat interested in photography I have joined the /Photocritique, /Pics, and /SonyAlpha sub-Reddits.

The picture of the Cosplay girl at right is from the /Pics sub-Reddit.

Reddit is apparently sometimes referred to as the “front door of the Internet”, and I can see why. There seem to be thousands of sub-Reddits and the Reddit groups are very active.

I have only joined eight sub-Reddits, including /WorldNews and /Technology, but even keeping up with these is almost impossible due to the number of articles that get posted into these groups.

I will post other related articles as I find out more about using Reddit .