Down at Busso for the WA Day long weekend

I have done something I would normally never do. I have come down to Busselton for the 2019 WA Day long weekend. I generally don’t travel at those times because the traffic is typically horrid on the highways and byways anywhere down south over public holiday breaks.

But my Guillian Barre afflicted niece, who is not allowed to drive, wanted to break down at Busso. So here we are. I have taken a couple of extra days off work—the Friday before and the Tuesday after—in order to make the break a bit longer and so as to avoid some of the previously mentioned traffic. Although I suspect that at least half of the other holidaying people also take a couple of extra days—so it probably does not help me in avoiding traffic.

My wife, who died as an outcome of motor neuron disease back in August 2018, used to love coming to Busselton. I have not been down to Busso since she passed.

We would drive around the surrounds of Busselton, going as far down as Margret River, looking for interesting things to photograph and different places to have coffee. One of her favourite coffe places was the Lavender Cafe on Caves Road.

For some reason, and I don’t really know why, Busselton does have this air of relaxation about it. It might have something to do with the five bottles of Yellow Champagne we consumed yesterday afternoon and evening.