No Way This Boat Floats: Oasis of the Seas

First, my apologies: Posts about this ship have appeared on Digg a few times over the last month or so. I apologise to those that have seen these posts and are already totally across the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship.

The latest super-cruise ship to displace water from the oceans is the totally unbelievable Oasis of the Seas. Built in Finland the Oasis of the Seas is five times the weight of the Titanic. It has almost 2,200 crew. At an average weight of 80 kgs per crew member that means that the crew alone add about 18 tonnes of weight to the ship.

There are 21 swimming pools and jacuzzis which hold 2,300 tonnes of water.

It has an on-board running track that is almost half a mile long that passes through the Central Park. Central Park is a huge mid-ship park containing 12,200 living plants including trees, shrubs, and vines.

Painting the ship consumed just under 160,000 gallons (that's GALLONS) of paint. At 4.546 litres to the gallon that comes to something like 725,000 litres of paint.

My final statistic is that there are 37 bars and 22 cafes and restaurtants on-board.

If I have got your interest you can see the full infographic of the Oasis of the Seas by clicking the following picture.