iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo

I came across this on Cracked.com and just had to post it.

If you have about 4 minutes to spare then I recommend you go and watch the video about half way down this page here. It looks like this . . .



Cracked.com stuff usually leans towards the humorous side but this is not really humorous. It is a little sad.

I recently had to spend two hours in a Telstra shop while my son picked up his iPhone 4 (seriously) and I actually overheard a conversation very like the one played out in the video clip. A female customer about 30-ish wanted an iPhone 4 and was not interested in going on the shop waiting list—as my son had done about four weeks previous. The salesman was trying to tell her he had at least four smartphones in the shop, including the HTC Wildfire, that he promised her were much better phones than the iPhone 4. And he pointed out many of the very same things covered in this video including the longer lasting and user replaceable battery, lower cost, and support for memory cards.

He lost. She left the store in search of an iPhone 4 elsewhere.

If you have another 5 to 10 minutes, to put this video into perspective, I strongly recommend reading the whole article from the front. It starts here and is called “5 Reasons Why the World will be Ruled by B.S.”. Be warned that you will need an IQ over 85 in order to understand what the writer is explaining. It is also a little bit scary.