Jessica Alba Popular with Users of Digg

Alba04-Post Jessica Alba was FHM’s International Edition “Sexiest Women in the World” two years running in 2006 and 2007, and she has managed to hold on to a spot in the Top 10 each year since. She made it to number 3 in 2009 and achieved number 9 in 2010 against a huge new line up of sexy young wannabe competitors from around the world.

As an indication of how popular Jessica still is with the world’s males a link on Digg (Digg can be found here) to a collection of short videos featuring Jessica managed to clock up 603 front-page diggs in 6 hours—which moved it to the top of the daily “Top News” list.


The Chive site where the videos were posted got so busy that linking to it meant waiting for up to three minutes while the front page of the site came up.

Click on the picture of Jessica above to go to the videos on The Chive (Use Ctrl+Click to open the page in a new Tab). Hopefully by now the traffic to the site will have died down and you won’t have to wait three minutes to get the page up.

Some of the comments posted for the Alba videos are kind of humorous (males will understand anyway).






I have never been that big a fan of Jessica Alba but I think I might be part of a very small minority in that regard. For those that are fans of Jessica here are a few extra servings of Alba eye candy—as Jessica Alba fans call it—from around the Web.