Wood Type and typography: Hamilton Wood Type Museum

About two weekends ago I accidently came across a show on television about wood type and, mainly, the Hamilton wood type museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA.


I think I might have mentioned this before way back in my postings somewhere but I am sort of into type, fonts, and typography. Back in the early 90s I went to a half-day training event held by Adobe themselves in Sydney. I was in Sydney attending a Microsoft three day TechEd event at Darling Harbour and went the day earlier in order to go to the Adobe event. Out of the something like 1,500 people who were at TechEd that year there were only 22 of us at the Adobe session. I don’t think there were many other people wanting to pay (I think it was around $395) to go and learn about fonts.

The point being that font usage and page layout is something that interested me then and still does today.

But even with this interest in typography and the couple of books I have on the subject I had never before come across wood type—and I am not sure if that should be written woodtype (which Microsoft’s spell checker does not like), or as the two words “wood type”. I am going to go with “wood type”.

I have to say that I found this one hour show on wood type and the Hamilton Wood Type museum in Two Rivers riveting. While the craft of cutting the wood type is now almost lost and gone there were still two or three (now very old) type cutters featured in the show. As old as they were they were still able to cut amazingly perfect letter type.

Seriously, can you image the precision needed to cut the letters from wood for the following letterpress print below?


The letter blocks have to be all exactly the same height so that when the pages run over the inked letters in the letterpress block they all apply perfectly to the paper sheet. And look at that top font used in “7 Dancer Exodus Heading for Alaska”. It has a relief cutting around the edge of every letter!

The TV show was a bit sad in parts and actually brought tears to my eyes when they talked about the millions of wood type letters that have been dumped or burnt since metal letterpress took over and then, more recently, since computer-based page layout and printing took over from that.

According to Wikipedia the Hamilton Wood Type museum was established in 2000 and they have ‘saved’ and estimated 1.5 million pieces of wood type and continue to seek wood type from around America.

The Hamilton museum is a working museum and interested groups can make arrangements to use the equipment and wood type to product wood type ‘art’.


There are not too many places in the world I would bother to take the trouble to go and see but along with Seattle (where much of the TV series Twin Peaks was filmed) I have now added the Hamilton Wood Type museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

All pictures link to the Hamilton Wood Type museum Web page.


Abalook featured on addicted-to-heels

I meant to post about this some time back, but I forgot. A couple of my postings have been featured on Addicted-to-heels. I knew about the first posting but I only came across the second posting featuring SCN recently (last night actually).

The first reposing from Abalook on Addicted-to-heels is of the R2D2 high heels that my son arranged for his girlfriend. You can find that article on Addicted-to-heels here. To check out the original article here at Abablook see the posting “Some Christmas presents just take a little more work” which can be found here.

The second posting at Addicted-to-heels that features Abalook is titled “Abalook at these heels … don’t mind if we do”. It features a couple of my postings of SCN from way back around October 2011—almost 18 months ago.

The source posting on Addicted-to-heels can be found here. They obviously got the pictures they have posted from my SmugMug account. How do I know this? Because if you click on the pictures at Addiceted-to-heels you get the larger higher resolution version of the pictures which they could only have got from SmugMug.

So I think it is only fair that I repost a few of the great pictures from Addicted-to-heels.




Love that first picture. Very nice.

All pictures above link to the start page of Addictedtoheels. It seems like a pretty safe site to visit compared to hundreds of other high heels sites around the Web which are X, XX, and XXX. However, even so, Addicted-to-heels is probably NSFW because there are some pictures of semi-naked ladies although you only get to ever see boobs, butts, and—with a name like Addictedtoheels—obviously legs; so it is very ‘soft’. If Addicted-to-heels was a magazine at a newsagent it would not be in a plastic sleeve.

Anyway, thanks to Addicted-to-heels for any additional visitors they bring, or have already brought, to my site.


(De)Motivational posters at Despair.com

I was checking the list “The Most Addictive Sites on the Web for 2013” just in case Abalook made it onto the list. It didn’t. But as long as I had the list up I decided to have a look at some of the sites I had never heard of or been to. One of the was www.despair.com which is a site of sadly sort of true (de)motivational posters.

I thought I would share a few. All picture images below link to the ‘despair’ Web site.

For each poster I have also posted the associated ‘sales pitch’ after it because some of those are funny too.







I can totally agree with the next one. One week you read the Financial Review and the economy is apparently all roses and chocolates (i.e., going really well). Then the next week the tell you to stick your head up your bum and go ting-a-ling-a-loo (i.e., it is all bad and going to get worse).



To find these (de)motivational posters and many more when you go to the Despair site click on “Demotivators”.

Oh, and for anyone interested the Number 1 most addictive Web site for 2013 (so far, after just one month) is www.fmylife.com (F***MyLife). I had a look at this site and I can report that I won’t be checking back there any time soon. It did not seem ‘addictive’ in the least.


R2D2 heels featured on ‘addictedtoheels’ site

I got an e-mail yesterday from a friend, of which I don’t have many, that my posting about the R2D2 custom hand painted heels my son arranged for his girlfriend as a Christmas present had been featured on ‘addictedtoheels’.

For those that missed my posting about this you can find it here.

For anyone interested in checking out the featured posting at ‘addictedtoheels’ it can be found by clicking the banner picture below.


The posting at ‘addictedtoheels’ does not say much but it is marginally exciting to have a posting from my site picked up and featured on another site. At this stage it does not seem to have brought me many more unique visitors but maybe it will eventually.

With ‘addictedtoheels’ featuring my post it is possible some of the other hundreds of high heels fetish sites around the Web may have reposted this posting from them. Most of these sites repost each others posts. If you find this reposted on other sites please let me know by posting a comment.


Somebody Drew This … Using Bic Biros


I doubt I could even take a picture this good, assuming I could find the model.

This was drawn by hand by Samuel Silva using ballpoint pens. From what I can work out from the Deviant Art site where this picture is posted the brand of ballpoint pens used are Bic.

The picture and this link (here) will both take you to Samuel Silva’s work at the Deviant Art site should you want to check out some more of his amazing ‘drawings’.


Stuff I Learnt From TWiT Episode 362: Apple Bottom Jeans

I am listening to TWiT (This Week in Tech, here) episode 362 in the background. With all the work I am doing I am getting a little bit behind on my podcast listening. It does not help that a lot of my travelling listening time, which used to be used to listen to TWiT, has been devoted to listening to book three of Game of Thrones over the last month or so.

On 362 of TWiT I learnt about MPAL. MPAL is ‘male pattern arse loss’. Becky Worley was on episode 362 and she has this thing about MPAL. ‘Male pattern arse loss’ is obviously a play on the phrase ‘male pattern baldness’.

JolieOdellBecky observed that Leo Laporte’s previous MPAL condition seemed to have recovered a bit, and after Leo offered her a grope of his butt to check it out, Becky declared that Leo’s previous MPAL situation was definitely improving due to Leo’s recent exercise regime.

Another thing I learnt about was Apple Bottom jeans because the other female on the show, Jolie O’Dell (shown in the picture at right), declared at one point that she was wearing Apply Bottom jeans and 4”heels.

Now initially I thought that Apple Bottom jeans had some kind of ‘apple bottom’ cuff—at the bottom on the leg of the jeans. But no! After a quick Google search I found out that Apple Bottom jeans are designed, cut, and made such that they lift and enhance a woman’s butt.

AppleBottomShortsSeems Apple Bottom (which turns out to be a brand rather than a style, as I originally thought) have been around for a while.

I had never heard of them. Never. Maybe they are not available in Australia?

But when you Google Apple Bottom jeans you find out all about them. They sort of do for a girl’s butt what lift and separate bras do for her boobs—make them look better.

You know me. I like to do the hard research . . .

So I tried to find a good example of Apple Bottom jeans, but I could not really find something in the zone of jeans worth posting. But it seems there are also Apple Bottom shorts and I did manage to find a postable (probably not a word) picture demonstrating Apple Bottom shorts doing their job.

If all Apple Bottom jeans have “Apple” and “Bottom” embossed on the back pockets like that then they would sure be hard to miss out in the wild.

AppleBottomAppleYou might ask then, maybe: “Why are they called ‘apple bottoms’? Well apart from Apple Bottoms being the brand name apparently, according to one article I found, it has something to do with the apple in the picture at right.


Zooey Deschanel “July Chick of the Month” at Chickipedia


ZooeyNG1One of my all time favourites since I saw her in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (H2G2) is Zooey Deschanel. If you do a search of my site for Zooey you will find a few pages where she has been featured over the last two and half years.

Due in part to exposure brought about by her new TV show “New Girl” (which I have never actually watched) Zooey has been voted Chick of the Month for July over at Chickipedia. Clicking on the picture above will take you to Zooey at Chickipedia.

But here on ‘my’ site are a few pictures you won’t find over at Chickapedia—unless someone posts them there in the meantime (which is always possible).




HSD: FHM Australia Has Closed—but UK Site Still Going

Regular readers will know that FHM Australia published the last copy of their magazine in April this year (here). In that magazine they said they would be focussing their attention on the Web site.

I just went to the FHM Australia Web site, as I do probably about once a month, just to see how the other half are living, and this is what I got . . .


Seriously . . . I kid you not!

FHM is CLOSED in Australia.


It seems that the general availability of gazillions of ‘free’ bare booby sites all over the Web has killed off FHM Australia. Not that FHM Australia ever once actually showed bare boobies. But they did often feature babes in sexy high heels—which can sometimes be just about as good.

I know you are going to say “Oh yeah! Sure! As if . . .” when I jot this down, but I actually bought the occasional FHM, and went to the site now and then, to read the articles. Honest Indian I did.

Oh well. I can delete the FHM Australia site from my OneNote page of links to check from time to time.

FHM-MilaKunisInterestingly, as far as I can work out, all the other country issues of FHM are still alive and well, including the issues for Russia, China, Spain, India, and the good old UK.

Yep! The FHM UK site, which I understand is where FHM started off (but feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong), is still there. They currently have a small feature on Mila Kunis who apparently has different coloured eyes: her right eye is green and her left eye is brown (although they both look brown to me in the picture at right).

They UK site even has a dedicated ‘app’ for Android so I might have to download that onto my Acer Iconia Tablet and see how it works out. I would add that most free magazine ‘apps’ I have downloaded have been pathetic and I have simply uninstalled them about a day later.


Woo Hoo! A Comment

The first bona-fide comment for the month and it is the 13th—almost half way through the month—so it is about time. Thank you Britanny.


Maybe I should have a prize for the first comment of the month? But that is too hard. Then I would need addresses and all such … too hard!

Britanny has commented on the posting “The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper” (here) from way back in May 2011. See, people do check old postings.

The link Britanny has in her comment goes to the following picture.


I guess this settles three points once and for all. (1) The model is all the same girl, (2) it is Keeley Hazell, and (3) it was done by Zoo Magazine. you can even see the fold mark in the page going down the middle of the picture (where it was pulled from the magazine so it could be scanned).

The picture links to the source if you want to see this image much larger. On the off chance that the image link might get broken (as so many Web links tend to) I have put a copy of the image in the Abalook SmugMug folio—so if the above link is broken then this link will open the very same image but from SmugMug (no password required).

The source site itself, called “Change in the Atmosphere”, seems to be an American Baseball discussion forum; but I must confess I did not do much digging around there so I could be wrong.

Again … thanks Britanny, for the comment and the link.

Edit >>> 15/6/2012 >>>

If you would like a 1680 x 1050 wallpaper of the Soccer Girls picture then you can find one in the Abalook SmugMug folio here. This picture is better exposed than the one above. I don't think it is a scan from the magazine as it also does not have the The Zoo magazine text in the bottom right hand corner or any visible crease mark running down the centre.


Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak: NO AGENDA

My three favourite podcasts at this stage are TWiT (from This Week in Tech, here), Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott (from the WinSuperSite, here), and the NO AGENDA podcast by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.

NoAgendaThe NO AGENDA podcasts generally go for about 2.5 hours so they are good for going to sleep to at the motel (which takes me a good two hours to achieve) or listening to on the way out to site.

So! You might ask. What is the NO AGENDA podcast all about. Well it is a little hard to describe but I will give it a go. Basically Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak sort ‘get under’ the main news of the week. Mostly, but not always, American news. Mostly, but not always, news relating to governments and government policy and actions.

They dig out the code behind the news.

A new listener might simply say that they are conspiracy theory crackpots, finding government conspiracies and hidden meanings where there none to be found. But if you commit and listen longer term to the NO AGENDA podcasts you will start to find that many of the underlying reasons behind government policies and actions that Adam and John highlight start to line up and do make sense.

With some of their predictions they write them in the ‘red book’ and then they will verify them when they occur.

If you are somewhat interested in the what is really going on underneath the published news then you might find NO AGENDA an interesting listen. I do—twice a week; because they publish a new podcast twice a week.

The image links to the NO AGENDA show Web page. You can download podcasts from there. Or you can go to John C. Dvorak’s blog (Dvorak Uncensored, here) where John posts each new NO AGENDA podcast as it is released.